Thursday, 20 September 2012

British Halftrack with crew & stowage

This particular model has been awaiting completion for quite some time- glad to have it finished.

It is a Ready to Roll resin halftrack which was given to me by my friend "the Red Rajah". It has had resin stowage from Black Dog added, an AB figures driver, and a Kelly's Heroes crew. I am quite pleased with the final look.
Weathered with drybrushing, MiG European Dust & a bit of chipping.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

More British & first attempts with greenstuff

I don't usually take photos of my stuff outside, but today my son and his friend were doing a LOTR game on the tabletop, so it was out to the verandha with my toys. Not sure what I think of these photos, taken in bright spring sunshine.

These commandos are converted plastic Revell British figures who have had their helmets trimmed off and replaced with berets made of greenstuff. This was my first attempt with greenstuff and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out in the end.

The next figures are recent releases from Wartime Miniatures- great figures. I don't think my outdoor photography really does them justice.. oh well.

I have also finished the Ready to Roll halftrack along with its crew & passengers, but will photograph that later using my regular methods- once the battle for Middle Earth is over :).


Saturday, 8 September 2012

What? More Commandos?

Oh yes....

This time some cunning conversions- see if you can spot them. I used some Airfix British (new set), chopped off their heads and replaced them with what I think are Hong Kong copy beret heads I picked up in a cheap lot from Trade Me a while back. There is also a Battlefield Commando and a Kelly's Heroes officer type.
At the moment I have some more commandos on the painting table where I have replaced helmets with berets using greenstuff- my first ever attempt with the greenstuff, inspired by fellow Australian Dan Dunbar. But you shall have to wait for those....


Farmhouse Finished & Functional

In a previous post somewhere I shared that I had been working on the Scalescenes Farmhouse- which comes in a set with the barn I have already completed- well, here it is.
Please note that I have modified it to make it more functional for wargaming, as it was originally designed for model railway layouts. It took me two attempts to get the roof sorted out so that you could lift it off- good thing with these downloadable card models is that you can just re-print the parts you stuff up & try again. I made one of the chimneys integral with the roof and made my own guttering for the roof too- from another texture file that I had. Unfortunately only one of the floors lifts out, but that's OK as I would probably stick soldiers upstairs anyway.  It is based on a piece of foamcore with various flocks and tufts.
I found it quite challenging to build, particularly as I wanted it adapted for the tabletop. I can highly recommend Scalescenes products for wargamers- relatively inexpensive, reproducible, lightweight & realistic looking. I hope you enjoy the pictures, please let me know if you have any questions about it- happy to try and answer.

Most recently painted commando chaps posing outside the farmhouse, somewhere in Normandy...
They shall have a post of their own in due course.

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