Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sojers German squad & Vickers Team on the move

In the last post I showed the first German figure that I painted & based from the Sojers range, now I have the rest of the squad finished. These are a fine range of figures- I wish they did more- I highly recommend them. I purchased mine from the Hobby Den in Ireland, but you could get them direct from Thoroughbred in the US . I found them to be relatively easy to paint, although Germans seem to have more fiddly pieces of equipment in different colours compared with the British, plus the camo gear.
My next German squad on the painting desk is from AB, some of the best figures out there, although this lot are showing some signs of age due to mould slippage (I assume).

Enjoy the "Sojers":

I have also finished a British Vickers Team on the move, another entry for the 30mm base group build on The Guild. These chaps are from the Kelly's Heroes range of 20mm figures produced by Grubby Tanks. These figures are a bit chunkier than AB and most plastics, and not as chunky as Britannia Miniatures - Kelly's Heroes tend to mix in quite well with most figures though (my opinion of course).

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Bacon, the British, & the Grenadier

First up, "The Bacon"...
This is part of my entry for The Guild Speed Build- on requirement is that it has to be on a 30mm base. This "Bacon marker" (TM) :D, consists of plastic 1/72 pigs from Pegasus farm animal set:

Proof of 30mm base. To be precise 32mm mudguard/fender washer.

Next, "The British"...
No surprises here, more commandos, one from Wartime Miniatures, the other from AB:

Wartime left, AB right


"Fancy some nice crispy bacon Bill?"
Lastly, "The Grenadier"...
Another entry for speed build, a prone German about to lob a grenade- this figure is from the small but excellent "Sojers" range of 20mm WW2 stuff, check it out here or here :

And just for fun....

Bill & Ernie, temporarily distracted by the prospect of bacon are about to cop a "potato masher"!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Germans & Commandos with modifications...

In  previous posts I have shown pictures of work in progress involving some commandos and Zvezda hard plastic Germans- thought you might like to see the finished articles.
First up, the Germans from Zvezda Set 6153, German Reconnaissance Team. I have added greenstuff to their legs so as to hide their jackboots and give them a late war appearance. The set was an impulse buy, I liked the poses and their potential usefulness in Battlegroup Overlord for calling in artillery against the Yanks ;) The set was easy enough to assemble but there is a distinct lack of detail on the chests of these figures, which is OK for some of them as they are prone or hunched over- overall I found the detail not crisp enough, even though the poses seem very lifelike. See what you think:

Next up are the finished commandos. These started as prone Battlefield miniatures, but needed a figure to accompany them on the base- I used a couple of converted plastic British (Caesar I think) with resin commando heads from Dan Taylor Modelworks, the prone bloke with rifle has had an arm donated from an Italeri British figure. I was quite please with how the resin heads went with the plastic figures, especially the figure kneeling and firing- let me know what you think:

If the figures seem less matt than normal, it's because I couldn't go outside and spray them with dullcoat this morning as it is cold and raining.
On the painting table at the moment I have two more commandos that need their bases doing, and a squad of metal Germans from a company that's new to me .....stay tuned :)
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