Thursday, 30 January 2014

War Elephant

G'day All,
today, a 1/72 War Elephant and crew from Zvezda - I hope you like it :)
Painted for my son's collection.
This will be an entry for The Guild Wargamers "Armour" Group Build too.





Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fair Dinkum! More Wartime British

G'day all,

As you may have gathered by now I am something of a fan of the Wartime Miniatures ranges, particularly their WW2 British - and they are an Australian based operation, which is a bonus for Antipodeans like me :)
I have painted my way through all of the packs in their Mid/Late War British range and thought I would share some more photos of them.

Officer, NCO, & Radio Operator

Wee lads from a Highland Regiment


PIAT team, Mine Detector, & Flamethrower

I 've painted leather gloves on the F/T operator as I
figured his hands were in danger of getting scorched

One very minor gripe, but easily fixed with greenstuff, is that the
Mine Detector could do with a counterweight on the end.

The PIAT loader carries lots of extra munitions

Prone Bren team & Rifleman

The figure with the Bren Gunner is holding out a Bren ammo clip

Wartime have produced some great figures here, many of which I would consider to be on par with AB stuff. Do yourself a favour and check out the range :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WW2 US from FAA

G'day all,

today I'm sharing some photos of a recent commission I painted. The figures are all from the FAA range of metal miniatures, they remind me of the Kelly's Heroes range in style - slightly "chunky" and quite a bit of character.

Here they are:

I've also just finished a commission of some "Rats of Tobruk" using Wartime Miniatures. I hope to post pictures of these once the customer has received them in the post :)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wartime Artillery crews

G'day all,

some photos for you of Wartime Miniatures British artillery crew figures. I have painted the bases green as I don't have any spare artillery to go with them at the moment. If anyone has  a spare British 3inch mortar or 25pdr they could let me have it would be most appreciated - drop me a line below, I would be happy to swap some stuff for them :)

Stay Special :)

All the very best for 2014, may it surprise you with something profound and of lasting value.

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