Friday, 25 September 2015

DEVGRU/ SEAL types....

G'day folks,

here's some DEVGRU/SEAL types that I painted for Barrie a while back.
All miniatures are 28mm from Eureka:

Monday, 21 September 2015

Downed pilots & some more British Moderns

G'day all,

I finished these many weeks ago, just hadn't put the pictures up yet. These are for fellow Tasmanian wargamer, Barrie, to help with his "Fighting Season" project.

Downed pilots from Empress Miniatures

Not sure on manufacturers, perhaps Empress & Eureka?

Today I took photos of some more work - a large commission that I just finished (Sicilian Moors), and some special forces troops that I finished for Barrie several weeks ago. In time I will be posting pictures of these too. I'm just about to start another commission for a US customer - modern stuff in 20 & 28mm, after that I really want to get back to painting my way through the miniatures Barrie has left with me which cover a broad spectrum of periods :-)

All the best,


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More WWI French Infantry

G'day all,
this is my second batch of Scarab Miniatures WWI French, I finished these a month or so ago.
I have made some painting adjustments to the backpack equipment with this lot after getting some handy information from a bloke on The Guild, along with some useful pictures. It appears that some of the figures are carrying spare pairs of shoes on their packs - I have tried to paint them accordingly.
They are quite chunky figures, but good fun to paint & have plenty of character.

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