Thursday, 30 November 2017

Civilians, Warriors, Conversions, Freehand & Ulf

"Civilians, Warriors, Conversions, Freehand & Ulf"
Bit of a mouthful that title. Today's post is a real assortment of Dark Age figures painted for my own collection.
First up are some civilians - 28mm metal miniatures from Black Tree Designs. There are three local farmer types, and one who could work as a merchant with sack over his shoulder & a pouch for his coin. I have used a quite subdued palette for these characters, as they are essentially wearing their working clothes.

Next up are a couple of Gripping Beast miniatures that I originally painted up several years back as part of my "Arthurian" collection. I have since parted with most of my figures for this era, and wanted to see if I could re-purpose these for slightly later centuries. I stripped off my original paintwork then cut, filed & carved off the cast on oval shaped shields that they carried. The figures were then given round shields & repainted. I painted freehand designs on both shields, taking inspiration from Rohan designs - as seen in the movies. I think they can now pass as either Middle Anglo-Saxons or warriors from one of the Welsh Kingdoms.

Here are a couple of casualty figures I painted up - the kneeling figure is from Gripping Beast, I think the other is from BTD. Have been slowly building up a few casualty figures for my collection - ideally it would be great to replace every fallen warrior with something like this in a game.

These three stalwart fellows are from Eureka Miniatures small but splendid Dark Ages range. I did some slight conversion work on the figure with the green shield (left). He was sold as a Visigoth and had a rather pointed helm, I wanted a more generic look & so filed down the helm & added some reinforcing bars with greenstuff. The shield decals are Celtic designs from LBMS.

This wild hairy warrior is "Ulf the quarrelsome" from Footsore Miniatures, sculpted by Bill Thornhill. A fun figure to paint, he has a very cool Celtic design from LBMS on the shield.

The figures are all on 25mm round bases, either plastic from Renedra or MDF from Warbases. The tufts are from Leadbear's Tufts here in Australia - great value & excellent product.

All the best,


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Astrakhan Cuirassiers 1812

Just finished up these 12 x 28mm Astrakhan Cuirassiers for the Napoleonic Wars circa 1812.
I think the figures are from Front Rank...apologies if I have that wrong.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Viking Project - Part II

Next instalment of the Viking project.

The standard bearer is from Gripping Beast with LBMS banner.

Viking warriors from Saxon Miniatures - loose weapons to be added later. Shield decals LBMS.

Viking Leader from Warlord Games.

The basing is the usual combo of pva & sand, painted in a series of earthy tones. I have used tufts from Leadbears Tufts (made in Australia), and static flock.

Another part to follow...

All the best,
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