Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Green Mountain Boys

This is the second part of the American War of Independence commission - the "Green Mountain Boys". For a sketch outline about their activities readers may want to check out this link:

I painted them with a "campaign" look to them - quite appropriate for all that time they spent in the wilderness.
The miniatures were all from Perry Miniatures, a mix of metal & plastic 28mm figures.

I believe my client will be using these for "Sharp Practice".

All the best,
John :-)

Monday, 12 March 2018

Continental Militia

A few weeks ago I completed a commission with an 18th Century theme. This post is the first unit from that project.

The unit is painted as Continental Militia from the American War of Independence, or American Revolution, or Rebellion or The First American Civil War - depending on your perspective :-)

The figures are 28mm metals from Perry Miniatures. I have painted them in "campaign" appearance - that is, dirty, dusty & somewhat shabby :-)

An enjoyable project, especially with these lovely sculpts.

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