Monday, 20 April 2020

Norse Gaels & Normans

Today's post features Norse Gaels & Normans painted in recent times. The miniatures are all 28mm metal mostly from Footsore Miniatures, along with a mounted fellow from Khurusan Miniatures.

First up the Norse Gaels:

Here are the Normans:

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Anglo Saxon Collection...So Far

This is truly a hobby post, not a work related one - although the lines can get very blurry at times 😀
Here are some photos I took of my Anglo Saxon collection, painted over several years.
Lots of different manufacturers on display here - all metal.
The Anglo Saxons certainly are an area of special interest for me. I think if I was to collect another Dark Age army it might be Irish or perhaps something that could stand in for the Cornish - both significant parts of my ancestry. One of the cool things about the Anglo Saxons is that many of them can stand in for warriors in a Middle Earth setting - another genre I collect 😊 The eagle-eyed among you may even notice some GW Middle Earth miniatures in there which I have re-purposed as Anglo Saxons. There are also some Anglo Saxons with distinctly equine shield designs & banner 😉
I still have more to paint up when I'm not painting Dwarves & Orcs.

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