Sunday, 26 July 2020

Orcish Conversions

Some recent Orc conversions using parts from a few different plastic miniatures.

Here's the before shot:

From Left to Right - Reaper Bones orc, headswap & greenstuff furs; Bones orc, headswap, Oathmark plastic goblin shield, sword from Wargames Atlantic Afghans, Halberd (WA?); Wargames Atlantic Persian legs & torso, Oathmark arms & head, Afghan shield; WA Halfling with Oathmark arms, head & shield - greenstuff legs.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Romans, Celts, Thracians & a Greek

G'day all, 
here's some ancients that I've finished recently. All 28mm metal from Aventine, Foundry, & Footsore ranges. Leadbear's Tufts used on the bases. The Roman shield designs are decals, the rest are freehand. They are commission painted & mostly destined to be used in games of "Infamy Infamy" by the Too Fat Lardies. Very impressed by Aventine miniatures. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

For my own collection I've painted up some Rangers for Middle Earth using the classic Vendel range now sold by Thistle & Rose in the US. I've also started something completely different & painted up a sci-fi miniature! Keen to paint & collect some generic sci-fi with a Star Wars vibe, but without the price tag for the official IP - thinking of Outer Rim/Edge of the Empire look, or whatever I find interesting.

All the best,
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