Friday, 5 February 2016

"The Lion Has Phones"...Dad's Army Pictures Part 1

G'day all, I can now present my first bunch of "proper" photos from my recent Dad's Army commission. The title of the post is taken from this Dad's Army episode:

Those with a keen eye for detail, and who remember the episode, will notice that I managed to paint on some letters for "press button A" & "press button B". ;-)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

More Flint & Feather Finished...& how I take my pictures

Here's some pictures of the Flint & Feather 28mm Huron/Iroquois that were on the painting stands in the last post, but are now finished.

These sculpts are so cool & great fun to paint.

I took a bunch of photos this morning of the Dad's Army figures, so I will be posting those over the next few days.
My photo setup is very simple - an Olympus VG-160 compact with a mini  bendy tripod, a paper background I found on the internet & printed out, something to fix the background to (like an empty bottle or ornament), plonk the whole lot on the dining room table, open the vertical blinds right up on the sliding door, and let the indirect morning light provide enough natural light. The next bit is crucial- edit the pictures with the basic picture editing software that comes with Windows. This includes enhancing the colour by clicking on something white - try leaving the paper background with a white border, or insert a white something into the edge of your photo - this will really improve the colour balance. Then crop it to what looks about right, and compress the image to "document" size.

All the best,


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Flint & Feather 28mm Huron/Iroquois...Painted and Reviewed

I was fortunate enough to be sent some figures sculpted by the very talented Bob Murch of Pulp Figures fame. My friend Barrie wanted me to paint up some of Mr Murch's new 28mm "Flint and Feather" Huron and Iroquois:

I can honestly say that these are some of the finest 28mm sculpts that I have ever had the opportunity to paint. I have painted a number of figures from the Pulp Figures range and they were great fun, but these woodland indians are just superb. They are clean casts with excellent detail, well proportioned, and dynamically posed. The larger areas of flesh gave me scope to paint tattoos and warpaint in natural earthy colours. The figures themselves are designed to represent "Iroquois/Haudenosaunee & Huron/Wendat Miniatures from the Legendary Pre-Contact Era" - so before the arrival of European settlers. I believe that there is a game system devised for the figures which pits them against other native peoples and legendary creatures. Even though there is not a musket in sight, I think they would mix in with other ranges for The French Indian Wars, or you could use them as Skraelings for Saga. I understand Bob Murch will be expanding the range over time as this "period" is something of a passion of his.

The pictures I'm sharing are of the first half dozen that I painted up and took some "proper" photos, and the next six that are still on their painting stands.
With the second batch I went for even more dramatic warpaint to give some variation.

I hope you enjoy them.

Just in case you were wondering, there will be more Dad's Army photos to follow - hopefully looking a bit smarter than my WIP pictures :-)

All the best,


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