Thursday, 20 April 2017

Land & Sea - WW2 20mm British Sailors & Soldiers

G'day all!
Here's a bunch of Elhiem Figures 20mm, that I finished recently.  WW2 Royal Navy Landing party,    

late war British infantry,

British Commandos in green beret,

British Bergen packs,

British Commandos in helmet with Bergen packs.

Next lot of Elhiem WW2 I'm planning to paint will be their range of 20mm US Airborne.

All the best,

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Good News!

Dark Age Monastics at Paschaltide.

 Figures are 28mm Gripping Beast. Church building is Gripping Beast resin. Wayside Cross is mdf from Warbases with a bit of green-stuff for the knotwork on the upright.

Brother Wilf preaches the gospel outside the local church.

 Brother Wilf & Brother Dunstan gather to proclaim & pray at a wayside stone cross.

He is risen, risen indeed!


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

More Anglo-Saxon Warriors

So far I've only posted pictures of maybe 10% of my Anglo-Saxon stuff, in part because I have a lot other commission projects I want to post first.
Some of you may have already seen these pics on Facebook, but I know not everyone who checks out my blog is into FB.
The miniatures are 28mm from Gripping Beast and Blacktree Designs. The fourth figure from the left has had a mustache added with green-stuff. The two figures on left front have LBMS shield decals, the other shields are freehand. It's an interesting assortment of warriors, not really your high status blokes (the shade of blue-grey seen on the clubman is not the same as high status blue worn by the very wealthy : They have a variety of weapons - spears, slings, seax, and even a rustic club.

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