Monday, 17 October 2016

Modern Germans in "drei Farben Tarndruck der Bundeswehr"

20mm Elhiem miniatures that have been painted in "drei Farben Tarndruck der Bundeswehr" - 3 Colour Camouflage of the Bundeswehr.


Friday, 14 October 2016

Japanese SNLF WW2 28mm

Finished these this week for Mathew from Wartime Miniatures here in Australia. These are new releases from Wartime, I had previously painted the regular Japanese forces plus some artillery - these new figures are part of the Special Naval Landing Forces.

All the best,

Thursday, 6 October 2016

My "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" - From one "Middle Earth" to another...

I have been very slow to take pictures of my Anglo-Saxon project, I'm usually taking pictures of commissions as my priority. I have painted quite a number of figures for this project over the last couple of years - very slow progress though. These pictures are of figures that I completed in the last month or so. I have used an unconverted GW metal Eowyn miniature - with feet pinned into a piece of rock (bark), and a Saxon Miniatures figure with a Little Big Men Studios banner & shield decal for the command base. The other figure is a converted metal GW Rohan Royal Guard miniature, which has had a new shield (LBMS decal), a redesigned helmet, a shortened cloak & hauberk, cloth bindings sculpted onto lower legs, and hair sculpted out the back of the helmet. I'm pleased with how they all turned out, and really took my time to get a colour scheme & details that I was happy with.

For my Youtube video which goes into more detail about the Royal Guard conversion go here:

All the best,

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