Saturday, 14 July 2018

Hessians for AWI & 18th Century pondering....

I was commissioned to paint a unit of Hessian Line for the American War of Independence. The figures supplied were 28mm Sash & Sabre (or Saber) metal Prussians. The unit is based on von Donop Regiment - apologies for any inaccuracies in uniforms.
This re-sparked my interest in the conflict & 18th Century in general. I have a small handful of 28mm metal figures for the period, plus some 10mm SYW, & 1/72 SYW Prussians. I have purchased the Don Troiani Book on the AWI - excellent visual reference. In addition I have been working my way slowly through the Peter Dennis "Paperboys" book on the AWI, cutting & gluing paper figures - they really do look nice. I think I would still like to do an Imagi-Nations collection for the 18th Century, not sure how I would go about this - perhaps Peter Dennis will do a Seven Years War paper soldier book that I could modify? The figures from Crann Tara look nice too.....hmmm, maybe a sample order some time. The thought of painting large black powder armies can be somewhat overwhelming, let alone the potential costs...ah well, collections like this can be built up slowly over time I guess. Always interesting to see what other folks have done with their Imagi-Nations, some are cherry picked from real world units, others whole cloth fabrications of uniforms, flags 'n all. Suggestions & discussion welcome :-)

 These were completed in July I believe. I am currently working on an Arthurian Warband project for an overseas customer, using Footosore Miniatures.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

All booked up....

I am booked up until sometime in October with commissions - and probably beyond that. If you were considering getting in touch about a commission please hold fire for 2 or 3 months - thanks so much.
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