Friday, 24 August 2018

24th Foot Saratoga Campaign - American War of Independence

This week I finished an American War of Independence project for Ben, a long-standing customer. 

I will break this into a couple of blog posts.
 First up we have the British 24th Foot for use in the Saratoga Campaign. Ben's request was for a "campaign" look - after all these fellows had been struggling through the wilderness for many days before they fought the main battles of the campaign.

I used Vallejo cavalry brown as the starting point for the rank & file uniforms, the command figures were painted in a brighter red. I always work from a light grey undercoat & block colours in, apply washes, & then work back over with base colour & highlights.  The grimy look to the lower legs, boots & elbows was done by dry-brushing a dirt colour. Ben likes to finish the basing himself - a lot of customers do this to help give a cohesive look with existing collections.

The figures are Perry Miniatures 28mm, a combination of plastic & metal casts.
I believe they are based for "Sharpe Practice 2". Those going to MOAB wargames show in NSW at end of September might get to see them in action. :-)

I try and avoid the use of pure black or white in my painting, even when it comes to mixing colours.

Next post from the project will be the light company, a converged unit with "light bobs" from three different regiments.

All the best,

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Saxons are Back!

Can't keep Saxons away for too long :-)
Here's a wee project I completed for fellow Aussie wargamer & blogger Paul - all Footsore Miniatures 28mm. The shield designs are freehand, the banner from Little Big Men Studios, the base from Warbases, the tufts from Leadbear's Tufts.

All the best,

Saturday, 4 August 2018

More Samurai Types...

More Samurai types painted for my friend Barrie - he uses them with "Test of Honour" I believe.
The figures are are mostly from North Stars' Ronin range apart from one monk from Warlord's Test of Honour metal figures. All 28mm.

I have also assembled & painted a box of the Warlord plastics for Test of Honour - once was enough, I'm not sharing the pictures.

All the best,
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