Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kelly's Heroes British Part One

Back again with a new post of some rather excellent figures from Kelly's Heroes, available from Grubby Tanks . These little chaps are full of character and have some interesting poses which are not quite available yet in 1/72 plastics- or at least not done very well. I still have some more to paint which includes a stretcher bearer team, 3 inch mortar team & a 6 pounder AT gun from Brittania with KH crew. A couple of my favourites are the medic tending to his fallen comrade, and the range finder bloke who came with the Vickers team. Most of the casts were pretty clean and required a minimal amount of filing- the prone PIAT figure needed the most. The figures themselves are somewhat chunkier than the majority of plastics and may not be to everyones tastes, but as I've said before I am happy to mix different ranges- these chaps are not too dissimilar in build to the Plastic Soldier Company British. I would definitely consider buying some more figures from this range even if I didn't have a place for them on the wargames table- like the dispatch rider & MP, or the 4 inch mortar team, or British surrendering (perish the thought!). My only beef is that there doesn't seem to be any tank commanders in this range yet, and I couldn't see any surrendering Germans (I might need lots of those!).
I have started work on a fun little side project thanks to some 1/72 plastic Gatling guns I received from Nick Grant . I have nearly completed my first crew of slightly shiny colonials and will post them in due course.
Meanwhile enjoy the Kelly's Heroes and as always your comments & questions are welcome.
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