Saturday, 23 February 2013

AAR- Secure the Bridge

We had another Battlegroup game today, a platoon sized game with 355 points per side.
 As is so often the case, we did not finish the game- ideally I need another house to live in with a dedicated Wargames room that I could leave games set up in, so we could finish them over a couple of weekends. Part of our current trouble is that we don't play often enough for us to have a quick and easy grasp of the rules- I always find myself having to look things up. It may help if the Young Sarge & I play a few more games at home on our smaller table so we can get used to rules mechanics- I think he is rather good at grasping and remembering rules concepts.
This game pitted the US against the Germans in Normandy, it was decided that we would not purchase anything off the artillery lists- the mortars were off the infantry support lists. I'm not sure of the exact makeup of the German list, but the Yanks fielded two infantry platoons plus HMG and mediuim mortar support, one squadron of M4 Shermans, one squadron of M4 Shermans 76mm, a Battlegroup HQ in a jeep, and a couple of medics- they had no recce units due to lack of appropriate US vehicles. IN the end the Germans took two morale chits, and two & a five, plus ended the game with a unit pinned. Even though we didn't get too far in the game it made for some great pictures and some fun. One Sherman in particular should have received a little medal as it took out the Puma, pinned a German unit, took out a Stug.

The Young Sarge has a ripping account of the game with his own photos and excellent commentary- check it out, you can find it here:

Enjoy the pictures:

Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Rare Sight.....Germans!

Yes, you don't see much German stuff come out of my painting corner, but today you do :)

The Kubelwagen and accompanying figures are Airfix from my son's collection- I thought I'd paint and base them up for him. He will be able to use them for a command base in our Battlegroup games if he happens to be using the Germans.

Next up is an 88 that my friend Nick Grant sent me a while back, along with a bunch of other stuff. It was originally painted up for Eastern Front with winter white-wash, but I have given it an all new paint-job and changed the look of the base, which was also wintry.

It just so happened I had a crew for this beast in my lead & plastic pile...
A while back I purchased some Fallschirmjager crew for the 88 from Wartime Miniatures, (a great Australian Company, highly recommended range of miniatures, their WW2 British are especially good). The two blokes with the shells are from Wartime & the figure kneeling with binoculars is plastic from Italeri.
 If Splod from Hobart sees this post- don't worry Splod, I had these long before you started your FJ's, not trying to double up on what you are doing, just fancied getting these painted up.
So here is the 88 with the FJ crew in splinter camo:

I haven't been neglecting the Colonials, and have managed to a bit of blocking in on some Fuzzies on camels:

If you get a chance, the Young Sarge has started his own blog: Small Soldiers at Arms
Say g'day if you get a chance, and perhaps offer him some encouragement, I know Nick already has (thanks Nick).  :)
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