Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kokoda Australians in 28mm and more....

G'day all,

I am now able to post pictures of my most recent commission for Mathew at Wartime Miniatures - the brand new 28mm Australians for Kokoda, plus some more 20mm Aussies and Italians for his collection (un-based).
I'm quite happy with how the  Kokoda blokes came out, with the mix of uniform styles. I hope you like them:

And here are the 20mm figures, with just simple painted bases:

Monday, 19 May 2014

Aussies and Italians for North Africa

Hi all,
here are some pictures of Australians and Italians for North Africa. They are 20mm Wartime Miniatures figures which I painted as a commission for a customer in the US.
I have been using a simple canvas sheet as background for these photos- I don't have any special desert terrain in my collection.
The Australians wear a combination of slouch hats and helmets. The Italians have a combination of temperate & tropical colours on their helmets.

I hope you like them.

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