Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Middle Earth Wargaming 28mm - Dwarves, Orcs & Hobbits

Middle Earth Wargaming 28mm - Dwarves, Orcs & Hobbits

First up a Dwarf with raven & gem topped staff - this is a metal miniature from North Star's Oathmark range:

Next a Dwarven king from North Star's Oathmark range:

Conqueror Models metal Dwarves stand fast against Oathmark plastic goblins (Orcs in my book):

Amidst the plastic goblins are a couple of the Oathmark metal goblin command figures:

Wargames Atlantic plastic Halfling Militia, painted & slightly converted by me to stand in as Hobbits sent to support the last king of Arthedain against Angmar:

I added the cloak, made out of greenstuff. Swapped & chopped some hands to be holding bucklers:

Added larger pouches with greenstuff for holding sling ammunition:

For those interested, I have added some comparison shots with the WA Hobbits. GW miniatures tend to be closer to 25mm:

GW Hobbit/ WA Halfling

GW Hobbit/ WA Halfling

GW Dwarf/WA Halfling

Oathmark Goblin/WA Halfling

GW Ranger/ WA Halfling

Conqueror Models Dwarf/WA Halfling

Hope you found the pictures useful.

For this year I will mostly be busy painting commissions, but I hope to be able to do some more with my own miniatures too. I don't want to buy any more miniatures until I have made some more substantial dents in my unpainted pile & have parted with some miniatures that I just don't need any more. At the moment my collections are focused on Dark Ages, Middle Earth & 20mm WW2. 

All the best,

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Sub-Roman Britannia - Heroes & Warriors

Sub-Roman Britannia - Heroes & Warriors.
Wonderful sculpts by Bill Thornhill,  cast by Footsore Miniatures - 28mm metal. Tufts from Leadbear's Tufts in Australia. Shield decals by Little Big Men Studios.
Will also work for Late Romans.
These are loads of fun to paint. I'm not sure when we will see new sculpts from Bill, as last I heard he was exploring digital media & I'm not even sure he's involved with Footsore Miniatures anymore?
I hope you enjoy the pictures :-) 

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