Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bushmaster, almost there & more on the way

The first Bushmaster is pretty much done. The main things left to do are spraying it with Dullcoat and possibly applying some appropriate decals - I say possibly, as my customer is trying to track some down and it's not easy to find them sold separately. I have kept weathering to some dust around the lower part of the vehicle.

Here are the next two, one assembled and the other waiting assembly:

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bushmaster Work in Progress.

I don't usually show many examples of WIP, mainly because I think my process looks kind of messy- maybe even counter-intuitive to some, and because I don't normally think about taking photos of it.
Anyway I thought I would show you a bit of my process/progress.

This is the current state of the Bushmaster - Mucky!
 The Bushmaster looks all mucky now because after blocking in all the basic colours I cover it in washes. I used a mix of Secret Weapon Sewer Water & Armour Wash for the bulk of the vehicle, and P3 Armour Wash for weapons and other bits.

 The model does not stay like this, I repaint back over the washes leaving them in the places where I want them and building a depth to the colour by the glaze effect. Much of my shading is achieved by this method, with  fine tuning and detailing towards the end - a bit of Reaper Brown Liner here and there for example. The windows will probably be done in Derivan Minis Paynes Grey, getting gradually lighter near the tops.

A good example of a Bushmaster in the field in Afghanistan.
Believe it or not the yellow-brown was once a tan colour like the photo above, I'll work back over it and bring the tan colour back.

Basic colours used so far:
Tan camo = 50/50 Vallejo Tan Earth & Reaper Bronzed Flesh
Green camo= 50/50 V. Russian Uniform & Olive Grey
Black Camo= V. Black Grey

Below is a picture to remind you of what it looked like at the undercoated stage.

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