Saturday, 30 May 2020

Middle Earth Progress

I've shared some of these pictures on the "Wargaming in Middle Earth" FaceBook group already - but not all. Gradual progress has been made on my Middle Earth collection. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The first Orc is a Reaper Bones miniature. It is too large for Middle Earth, so will have to do as a one of a kind champion or bodyguard type. Comparison pictures further down will show what I mean.

These orcs are also Reaper Bones, earlier Bob Olley sculpts which are closer to the right size. The orc on the left has been converted to carry a proper looking spear from Wargames Atlantic skeletons set, and a shield from Oathmark plastic goblin set. The spears they start with are often bendy & like tree-trunks.

Comparison pictures. Reaper Bones orcs with Oathmark plastic & metal goblins.

Conqueror Models metal Dwarves with an Oathmark metal Dwarven King.

Oathmark plastic goblins, metal goblins, North Star metal wolves, Reaper Bones orcs & cave troll.

Comparison photo - Reaper Bones orcs with Gripping Beast metal early Anglo Saxon. 

GW plastic ranger, Reaper Orc Grunt, GB Anglo Saxon.

Orcs Grunt, Conqueror Models metal Dwarf. Middle Earth Orcs should be much closer to Dwarven height. Orcs as tall as humans was the exception not the rule. D&D and other fantasy systems have made orcs larger.


Elven Ranger from Reaper Bones. Even in the Bones material this was a nice miniature to paint. Plan is to  have him as an elf of Rivendell or Lindon to accompany my small band of Dunedain Rangers of the North.

This is a human Ranger in the Reaper Bones material. The detail on this sculpt was really soft compared with the elf, I found it difficult to work with.

We have a great community on FaceBook for non GW, non movie, book based Middle Earth wargaming if you are interested. Simple to join - you have to click the appropriate button which shows you agree to the group rules - there are a couple of questions, but that is more to stop bots.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Dark Age Miniatures from Footsore plus V&V

Dark Age miniatures that I've painted but hadn't shared on the blog. The first couple are from Footsore Miniatures, 28mm metal. The others are 28mm resin miniatures from V&V - available either direct from them or via Mezzer's Minis in the UK. The last two figures were originally wielding Dane Axes, I've converted them to spears so as to better fit with my Middle Anglo Saxons. Tufts are from Leadbear's Tufts here in Australia.

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