Thursday, 19 December 2019

Sub-Roman Britannia - Heroes & Warriors

Sub-Roman Britannia - Heroes & Warriors.
Wonderful sculpts by Bill Thornhill,  cast by Footsore Miniatures - 28mm metal. Tufts from Leadbear's Tufts in Australia. Shield decals by Little Big Men Studios.
Will also work for Late Romans.
These are loads of fun to paint. I'm not sure when we will see new sculpts from Bill, as last I heard he was exploring digital media & I'm not even sure he's involved with Footsore Miniatures anymore?
I hope you enjoy the pictures :-) 

Monday, 9 December 2019

Greeks, Romans, Normans, 100 Years War, Viking & even a Conquistador!

A real assortment today. 28mm miniatures from a variety of manufacturers & a wide expanse of time :-)

Athenian marines. Footsore Miniatures, metal:

Aventine Early Republican Romans, metal:

Footsore Normans, metal:

Claymore Castings 14th Century Europeans, metal:

Conquistador, Russian manufacturer I think, resin:

V&V resin miniatures:

Warlord Games Imperial Romans, metal:

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