Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Middle Earth Wargaming 28mm - Dwarves, Orcs & Hobbits

Middle Earth Wargaming 28mm - Dwarves, Orcs & Hobbits

First up a Dwarf with raven & gem topped staff - this is a metal miniature from North Star's Oathmark range:

Next a Dwarven king from North Star's Oathmark range:

Conqueror Models metal Dwarves stand fast against Oathmark plastic goblins (Orcs in my book):

Amidst the plastic goblins are a couple of the Oathmark metal goblin command figures:

Wargames Atlantic plastic Halfling Militia, painted & slightly converted by me to stand in as Hobbits sent to support the last king of Arthedain against Angmar:

I added the cloak, made out of greenstuff. Swapped & chopped some hands to be holding bucklers:

Added larger pouches with greenstuff for holding sling ammunition:

For those interested, I have added some comparison shots with the WA Hobbits. GW miniatures tend to be closer to 25mm:

GW Hobbit/ WA Halfling

GW Hobbit/ WA Halfling

GW Dwarf/WA Halfling

Oathmark Goblin/WA Halfling

GW Ranger/ WA Halfling

Conqueror Models Dwarf/WA Halfling

Hope you found the pictures useful.

For this year I will mostly be busy painting commissions, but I hope to be able to do some more with my own miniatures too. I don't want to buy any more miniatures until I have made some more substantial dents in my unpainted pile & have parted with some miniatures that I just don't need any more. At the moment my collections are focused on Dark Ages, Middle Earth & 20mm WW2. 

All the best,

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