Wednesday, 26 June 2013

From the Archive...1/72 Napoleonics

In between painting my next 15mm British Peninsular War unit, I thought I would share some pictures of 1/72nd Napoleonics that I have painted in the past and are no longer in my collection.
These are all plastics from a variety of manufacturers and were used for playing games of Shako.
I hope you enjoy them, and if you have any questions just ask away:

The French

The Russians

I still have some photos of 1/72 British in the archive, I will save those for another time :)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Taking the King's Shilling...Again

No, I haven't joined the Army, but I have returned to old stomping ground - The Peninsular War.

About six years ago I was into Napoleonics in 1/72 plastics and metal, and parted with my collection - no regrets there, I just don't have the room to do this scale justice in terms of space required, both storage and playing area. Back in the mid 90's I had a go at Napoleonics in 15mm whilst I was living in the UK, I was collecting Saxons - probably not a good beginners choice, painting white can be tricky- that little collection was also dispensed with.
Since my last post and my comments about space and terrain, I have chatted with my friend (Red Rajah) who had been collecting some pre-painted 15mm Napoleonics, and expressed my interest in collecting Napoleonics in 15mm again. The Rajah kindly gave me some unpainted bags/blisters of 15mm British (Series 3 Minifigs I believe) - which I have been applying my brush to.
I haven't painted Napoleonics for quite some time, and especially not at this scale, so was happy to cut my teeth on these free figures. Below are the results of my efforts thus far. I found them harder to photograph as they have satin varnish, rather than my usual matt, my wife tells me that they look better with a slightly shiny finish (so does the Rajah), but I don't think the camera agrees.
The Peninsular War is my favourite theatre of the Napoleonic Wars, and the British are my favourite army. I have purchased a couple of books to give me some inspiration (already have several in my collection), and am currently reading Jac Weller's "Wellington in the Peninsular" - cool.
I have also ordered some more figures ;)

Line Infantry Battalion. We are basing them in 16's.

95th Rifles in close order.

12th Light Dragoons - Late Peninsular with Shako rather than Tarleton helmet.
 The Guidon (flag) I have painted by hand on metal foil. I was quite pleased with
the trumpeter on his grey.

Let me know what you think.
This doesn't mean I have given WW2 the flick, I've just put it aside for the moment.
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