Sunday, 21 September 2014

Muddlers at Arms have a game...

A rare game was had by the Muddlers at Arms - My friend James invited me over for a wargame at his place. We decided on Battlegroup Overlord as James had some units that he was keen to give an outing. We are both a pair of 40 something muddlers who are not exactly quick with working our way through rules mechanics, so we concluded that as long as we had fun and a laugh we'd be happy.
I hadn't played Battlegroup since Dennis came across from Launceston for a game at my place, many months ago.
It should be no surprise therefore that we didn't actually get to finish the game even though we muddled for hours- which included a leisurely lunch break. After several cups of tea, slices of ersatz spam, some old toby, and munching on jubes, we had each drawn four chits, or was it five? Anyway I got the bad end of the chit stick and drew five more points than James - we were still a long way from reaching our battle rating break points, but we had run out of puff and could play no further.
We both took a few photos, unfortunately without a tripod I took a lot of blurry ones. James took some photos which he may stick up on his blog in time. After a while I stopped taking photos, I was too flummoxed by my dodgy dice rolls to give much thought to it. We both blew some stuff up - James had a freakish mortar bombardment go way off his intended target and happen to cause direct hits on my carrier and 2" mortar team - bye bye. He had this other freaky dice roll where he managed to roll two ones and immobilise a Churchill, my Churchill gunner returned the favour and blew him up. I managed to pin a few things, sometimes on multiple occasions, but my battery of 4.2" mortars performed poorly, even with a handy pre-registered target.
Here's a few pics for your perusal, I had the British & James had Germans:

Table Views

Carrier scout on the move

Telegraph pole marked an objective and was just next to my pre-registered target.

Mortar crews are there to remind me that I have an off table battery

Sniper and spotter take an objective

Churchill on the move

Infantry section and two inch mortar support (they are doomed)

Crew of the scout carrier acting as mortar spotters.

Churchill as infantry support tank

Sneaky sniper team

These Germans spent most of their game pinned behind a wall

German MG teams deployed for ambush

This Puma spent quite a while pinned before finally moving off

The Hanomags that transported the Germans quickly into position

Note vintage Kubel diecast

This Churchill got the freaky double one and was immobilised - still, it blew up
the halftrack that shot at it.

Sneaky snipers

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