Monday, 28 January 2013

First few British & Dervishes finished

When I say few, I mean five of each- I just couldn't be doing with painting up huge batches at once. This is my first time painting dark African skin , I'm reasonably pleased with the result. I'm also happy with how the grey serge came out on the Brits- I'm planning to do one unit in this colour and another in khaki for now. I may attempt some more elaborate patterns on the tunics of later batches of dervishes. I decided to base the British on square card bases instead of the usual washers, as the washers left them too far apart for a decent firing line- if the figures had been 28mm I could have got away with the usual size washers. Like my Gatling crews, these figures are all given a coat of satin varnish instead of the usual Matt I use for WW2 stuff.
I might do some fuzzies on camels next.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Back to Normandy.....

The young Sarge and I had a wargame today. We didn't get too many turns in before we ran out of time, but there was action and plenty of laughs. We worked out a couple of quick lists using Kampfgruppe Normandy for army lists and Battle Group Kursk for the rules- a bit tricky but it seemed to work. Young Sarge used his US forces, about 240 points worth, and I cobbled together a German force made up mostly of Fallschirmjagers & a few Airfix Germans, about 120 points. As I had fewer points I chose to take up defensive positions with an undersized platoon, 2 x 80mm mortars, an 88, and a StuG . Young Sarge had an infantry platoon, 2 x HMGs, 2x Mortars, 3x Shermans, 1 x M10 Tank Destroyer, and a battlegroup HQ unit in a jeep.

The 88 lies in wait

HQ Squad & an MG team in the farmhouse, with another squad lurking behind the house.

MG team lurks behind a wall by the barn

Another squad in front of the barn but behind a hedge

The StuG hides in the shrubbery by the barn

The Mortars, further back near a copse of trees

A view of the farmhouse and barn

Behind the German lines

I put almost all my units on ambush fire

The yanks move up, using the cover & avoiding the main road

The jeep by the Sherman is the Battle Group HQ, Young Sarge was hoping to use them to spot for the mortars

The Sherman has just made a move & was about to fire, when the StuG opened up on ambush fire...

The StuG took out the Sherman

The 88 spots a target

The M10 speeds out into the open to deal some damage...

Boom! the 88 takes it our at long range

Young sarge has to draw another morale chit, but this time draws"Beyond the call of duty"
and this Sherman gets more actions and....

...uses them to supress the Germans in the farmhouse with area fire HE

Whilst the jerries in the farmhouse are pinned he rushes up his infantry squads

I draw a chit to get my Germans off pinned & end up with "Mine Strike" which I can deal out to any
enemy vehicle. I give it to the Sherman that just pinned the jerries....

Boom! the Sherman fails the mine strike test and is knocked out.

At this point we called a halt to proceedings as the family had to go out for the evening. It sure is tough for allied tank in the hedgerows. We may have another game soon- Young Sarge thought he would like to be the Germans next time :)

Monday, 21 January 2013


I received a box from Model Hobbies  the other day, and inside were some new toys.....

Yes, more Colonial goodies- Tally Ho!
I'm envisaging Queen Victoria's men fighting all sorts of enemies on some sort of "Imagi-Nations" continent- got any suggestions for names for this mystery continent?

In my excitement I have already made a start on these little beauties. Here's a WIP photo:

British Colonials in grey serge.

Remember the Rangers I was painting for my son? Here's a picture of the other three I finished, all from the venerable Airfix Robin Hood set:

Sorry Paul, no WW2 stuff in this post ;)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Commandos Compared

Here's some of my latest efforts with WW2 late war British commandos.
For those of you interested in getting some of them I hope the photos provide a useful comparison with regards to scale and style.

From left to right: Wartime Miniatures; AB Miniatures; Elhiem & Elhiem

Same figures back on

L to R: AB; Wartime; Elhiem. Taken under artifcial light

More Work in Progress. On left, Wartime, on right, AB.

A book I'm reading for painting motivation/research.

Here's an update on that Stuart that's on the painting desk:

Next post I will let you know about some cool new toys that the postman delivered......

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Soldiers of the Queen, Commandos & Rangers...

Back with another assortment for your perusal...

Soldiers of the Queen

I finished off my Colonial British Gatling Gun chaps (1/72 HaT plastic)- apologies for any uniform inaccuracies, they are intended as more of an "Imagi-Nation" Colonial force that could face off against a variety of foes.
I decided to photograph them outside, and I'm quite pleased with the results- they look like they could be somewhere in Africa or the North-Western Frontier of India:


I have finished the two British WW2 commando figures from Elhiem (20mm metal) - they just needed their bases doing and a coat of clear Matt varnish:


Finally, remember the 1/72 Lord of the Rings Rangers I was painting for my son's collection? Well here are the first three finished- he will base them in element stands later-  they are from Airfix Robin Hood and Caesar Miniatures Adventurers sets. The last photo is a Work in Progress shot of the next three (all Airfix):

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