Saturday, 24 January 2015

French & Indian War Officers Pt II - Front Rank & Perry

Some more FIW 28mm miniatures that I recently finished painting. I painted these to my "Officer" standard, lots of extra washes, highlights etc. All figures are from Front Rank apart from the mounted French Officer who I believe is a Perry sculpt.
Quite pleased with how the photos turned out - taken out on the veranda using macro and timer on my little Olympus compact. I still fancy a more professional photo set up I can use indoors and get reliable results.

L to R - British Light Infantry Officer; Foot Officer (Buff Facings); Rogers Rangers Officer.

Another Rogers Rangers Officer with a different paint scheme.

Foot Officer (Yellow Facings) & Gorham's Rangers Officer.

French Canadian Militia Officer & two French Foot Officers.

Mounted French Officer.

I have recently been inspired by watching some videos online by miniature painter James Wappel, and have put in an order for some filbert brushes from Rosemary and Co. I'm hoping that they will help me with blocking in, pre-shading and blending. Check out some of his stuff online if you get a chance.

All the Best,

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Commando Assault Section - 20mm

Here's something I painted for my own collection and finished a while back. I had done a couple of the figures previously but had not completed the section. Most of the figures are AB, I think there is one Elhiem in there on the far left.
I photographed these in natural light on the veranda.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

French Indian War Officers

A selection of AW Miniatures French Indian War officers, recently completed as part of a commission. Messed about with a different photo background for these.

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