Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peninsular War British in 15mm & a couple of plastic Frogs....

G'day all,

Some more pictures of Napoleonic era figures, most of which I finished recently, some are a work in progress and others were painted some time ago and have just received their bases.

First up, another unit of 15mm Minifigs British - no varnish this time, I prefer the matt look for photography. I like the Minifigs, AB are my favourites, but Minifigs have a lot going for them if you can get past some of the very angular poses with the very long bayonets. This lot have green facings and a generic flag from Warflags - cords made from fine twisted wire. I quite like the way Minifigs do their command groups- fine looking fellows.

Next we have the 1/48th Northamptonshire, heroes of Talavera. These figures are produced by Campaign Game Miniatures, & I ordered mine through Quick Reaction Force in the UK, although you could order them direct from the manufacturer. On this unit I have used one of the excellent flags from GMB Designs - highly recommended.

Next up, a couple of French officer types I painted up a while back, which are in my son's collection. I have just got around to putting them on washers and giving them some ground to stand on. They are both 1/72 plastic figures produced by Italeri.

Here is a work in progress shot of some British foot artillery crews in two scales. The 15mm chaps are from Campaign Game Miniatures, and the 1/72 plastics are from Revell and Call to Arms. The 15mm are for my collection and the 1/72 are for my son. Also in the middle of them is an AB mounted British officer to help command my troops.

Other news is that after resigning from my job, I have received another offer of employment and am due to start later this month. It will be part-time, as I wanted to ease my self back into a different way of working after my burnout experience. I am looking forward to a fresh start and trust that God will be able to turn all that burnout stuff around for good - as I work in community services/counselling, it certainly has given me some very personal insights into anxiety, exhaustion, stress etc.

Cheers for now,
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