Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Marines & Lithuanians!

G'day all,
today I'm sharing some pictures from two recent commission projects I finished.
First up are 28mm Royal Marines from Newline Designs in the UK. They are nice clean sculpts, very little clean up, and excellent value for money from what I can see. We have gone for the summer uniform with white trousers rather than the navy blue winter issue. They also have the distinctive blue facings of the Napoleonic era.
As with all my miniature painting I never use a pure white, preferring an Ivory, Cream or Off-White colour.
There will be more Marine related posts in the future, using miniatures from a different manufacturer.

Next are 28mm Wargames Foundry Russian Lancers of the Napoleonic wars. I have painted them as Lithuanian Uhlans. The customer is putting the lances in himself, plus basing them.
I have painted the horses in various shades of brown using tube acrylics and wet blending with a large brush - I did a YouTube tutorial on my method here:
I have given the officer a distinctly darker horse.

All the best,

Enjoy your painting! :-)

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Some of my Dark Age Buildings & Terrain...

Some "proof of concept" pictures of Dark Age terrain stuff. Trying to see if I can take pictures of a bunch of my Dark Age minis in this setting. Not going to be able to fit many in the shot, need to find ways to widen the view without it looking crappy.
Church building is resin from Gripping Beast, cross & cart are from Warbases, rest is scratch-built.



Friday, 18 August 2017

A Converted Horn-Blower & GB Warriors!

The majority of these are Gripping Beast stalwarts for the shieldwall, with the exception of Harold Horn-Blower. Perhaps a distant ancestor of Horatio, this Horn-Blower is a conversion using a body from Blacktree Designs, a head from Westwind's Dark Age ranges, a fur cape made from greenstuff, and a shield that I believe came from a plastic GW orc. Don't like to waste a figure if I can avoid it :-)
The shields are a mix of decals and freehand.

All the best,

Friday, 11 August 2017

Eureka! More Hardy Warriors Join the Shieldwall...

These hardy warriors are all from Eureka Miniatures small, but rather splendid, range of 28mm Dark Age figures. I am hoping to fill out the ranks with a few more from them, and even a couple of special "civilian" items. There is an even split between decals & freehand on the shields. Interestingly the figure 2nd from right in first picture was originally armed with the angon, I replaced this with a standard spear. I like the variety of clothing & armour in the figures.

I updated the blog a bit recently, including my painting commission page.

All the best,

Monday, 7 August 2017

Twas a Mighty Saxon Horde.....

G'day all,
recently finished a large commission of Anglo Saxons, all Crusader Miniatures 28mm metals. The basing and banners are to be done by my client, the shields are a combination of freehand and decals.

There were 2 x 24 figure units of fyrd, 8 x Archers, 8 x Slingers, and 24 Thegns. Here are some pics :-)

Hope you didn't mind looking at all the pictures? I wouldn't mind some of these poses in my own collection.

All the best,
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