Saturday, 26 April 2014

Black Powder Game - 15mm Napoleonics

I was kindly invited to a 15mm Napoleonics game with my friend James the other day. Normally we would use the old Shako rule set, but James had picked up a copy of Black Powder for a bargain price on eBay, so we thought we would give it a bash. Doubtless we made a few mistakes, as you do when learning a new set of rules, but we quite enjoyed the game.
James has a sizeable collection of 15mm Napoleonics which we could use, and I brought along the few of my Peninsular British that I have actually got around to painting up. In the end it was a French vs British/Portuguese/Spanish force. We didn't get to run the game to a definite conclusion - I can say that the French skirmishers didn't come off so well against the Rifles though :-)
Here's a few pictures, on James' tastefully "old school" terrain, of the game:

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Stuff I Use & Like...

Something different for this post - part ramble about materials/ part review.

I have to confess, I like paint, I have this thing for wanting to buy more paint, even though I may already have a colour that's very similar from another range, or I could mix it up. I like to try paint from different manufacturers/brands, as not all paints are made equal - some are more equal than others ;-) I also have a thing for nice brushes, but I'll tell you about that another day.
I work exclusively with acrylic paints, I used to use enamels as a lad with all that smelly turps to clean up with - I much prefer water for cleaning brushes and thinning paint.

I find that some brands of paint behave differently than others - I guess this is due to a number of factors like density of pigment, proportion of medium to pigment, stuff like that. Ever had a colour that took multiple coats to get adequate coverage? Some companies actually design their paints to go on in thin applications, as it suits the painting style that they promote - like Reaper paints, although they now have a whole set of high density paints that I have yet to try. For some of us we like a tried and true method which involves blocking in nice solid colour over a black undercoat, and layer in highlights - others, like me, like to mess about with a combination of techniques. One of the things I have taken to is using washes, not the dip and you're done approach like Army Painter, but the application of coloured washes to a base coat with a brush, which are then usually over-painted. I have discussed this before in an older post about some of my painting techniques, so I'll try not to repeat myself too much.
One brand of washes that I find myself frequently using, are those from Secret Weapon. I also use Vallejo, and inks from P3, old Citadel, and Derivan.
The Secret Weapon washes go on really nicely I find. They tend to dry with a sheen, compared with the Vallejo washes which dry rather matt. I guess in that regard they are similar to inks. This is not a problem for me as I usually apply a coat of Dullcoat or other varnish, and over-paint a lot, leaving the wash only in areas where I want it.

Two of my favourite online sources for paints, washes, brushes and other stuff are Tabletop Empires and Slave To Painting. I recommend these businesses - never had any problems with them, great service and quick turnaround.

I have tried a new brand of paint this year - Lifecolor. I picked some up on a visit to McCann's Model World in Hobart after having a chat with the friendly staff about what they thought of it.
I must say I am very impressed with this paint. The paint itself is quite thin, but dense as far as pigment - at least that's how I found the two pots I purchased. They have an excellent range of colours and some very useful boxed sets - some great stuff in the range for the WW2 painter. I just wish they would bring out a boxed set for British Late War vehicles and equipment, they seem to have most of the other nations covered. I haven't purchased these online as yet, and the companies I mentioned above do not stock this brand - perhaps someone can recommend me a good online supplier?  This site has more information about colours, sets etc., if you're interested: here.

Well that's all for now, might have a ramble another time about other paints, or some brushes that I have been using recently that I am rather pleased with.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Long Range Desert Group/SAS - Into the desert....

Hi all,

here are some pictures of a commission I finished recently.
28mm Artizan figures and a Company B jeep & crew. I was quite pleased with how the weathering turned out on the jeep.

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