Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wellington & Co at Waterloo

These are some figures I completed recently as a commission for Simon from

We couldn't find any suitable Wellington & British command figures in 1/72 plastic that would give us Wellington, Uxbridge, Picton & Gordon - like the Waterloo movie, so we opted for a metal set from Art Minaturen in Germany.
The figures are well proportioned, the horses are particularly nice, although I did find the detail on these metal figures to be not as crisp and clear as some of the better plastic sets.
We opted for a satin varnish for the final finish - hence the slightly shiny look in the photos. Personally I think the figures look better in the hand than the photos I have taken. I hope Simon enjoys them.

Group Shot, L to R: Picton, Wellington, Gordon & Uxbridge

Duke of Wellington





  1. Groin grabbingly good John!

    Merry Xmas!

    1. Steady there Paul, there'll be none of those shenanigans on my watch :)

      All the best for the season to you & yours.

  2. Just so you know John, They're out inspecting the troops as we speak. The guys are all suitably gobsmacked. Merry Christmas to all and a joyous 2014.


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