Monday, 2 March 2015

Bushmaster Work in Progress.

I don't usually show many examples of WIP, mainly because I think my process looks kind of messy- maybe even counter-intuitive to some, and because I don't normally think about taking photos of it.
Anyway I thought I would show you a bit of my process/progress.

This is the current state of the Bushmaster - Mucky!
 The Bushmaster looks all mucky now because after blocking in all the basic colours I cover it in washes. I used a mix of Secret Weapon Sewer Water & Armour Wash for the bulk of the vehicle, and P3 Armour Wash for weapons and other bits.

 The model does not stay like this, I repaint back over the washes leaving them in the places where I want them and building a depth to the colour by the glaze effect. Much of my shading is achieved by this method, with  fine tuning and detailing towards the end - a bit of Reaper Brown Liner here and there for example. The windows will probably be done in Derivan Minis Paynes Grey, getting gradually lighter near the tops.

A good example of a Bushmaster in the field in Afghanistan.
Believe it or not the yellow-brown was once a tan colour like the photo above, I'll work back over it and bring the tan colour back.

Basic colours used so far:
Tan camo = 50/50 Vallejo Tan Earth & Reaper Bronzed Flesh
Green camo= 50/50 V. Russian Uniform & Olive Grey
Black Camo= V. Black Grey

Below is a picture to remind you of what it looked like at the undercoated stage.


  1. Looks terrific. Very rough and business like, perfect for the roughest patches of Helmand.
    It'll look great when done.

    1. Thanks Mike, lots to do on it yet, and then I've another two to build & paint plus a couple of Humvees :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I am painting them as part of a commission and did not buy them myself.
      Apparently they were manufactured and sold by War & Peace Games, but they may not have the moulds any more.
      Company B look like they sell one.

  3. Love how you painted the Bushmaster.

    it's roughness reminds me of Mad Max Vehicles.

    1. It's a long way from being finished in these photos.
      I have done most of it now, apart from spraying with Dullcoat and perhaps some decals.
      I will try and post some more photos soon.


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