Saturday, 18 July 2015

More Moderns & Two Games in One Day

A bunch more 28mm Moderns that I painted as part of my commission work:


Two Games in One Day

I can't remember the last time I played two wargames in one day - usually I only get in about three tabletop wargames in an entire year!
During the week I visited my friend James and we did a test drive of Neil Thomas's "One Hour Wargames". It really does do what it says on the cover - a fast play wargame. Now if anyone is looking for a simulation style wargame, this is probably not for you, but if you enjoy a fast and  furious scenario based wargame, then this could be something you'd enjoy.
Our first game was a WW2 game using 1/72 figures and AFVs on a round dining table that was about 4' x 4'. The rules give a game that plays with a high level of abstraction, is simple to pick up, and definitely gives a result. That's another thing actually- so many of the games I've played over the years never seem to run to the "end", we usually run out of time. This scenario I played as the British in a defensive game, having to hold onto two objectives.
The second game James & I broke out our 15mm Napoleonics for a delaying action scenario. This was a very near run thing, coming down to final dice rolls and my British just managing to hold on in the town. Again, the rules were nice and simple, and we even used the random force generators found in the book.
Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so I have no pictures for you - James took a bunch of pictures which hopefully he will be posting on his blog in due course.
To my mind, the strengths of "One Hour Wargames" are the very simple rules which are great for "pick-up" games, and the many scenarios that come with the book.

James has now done battle reports and further review here:


  1. What were the WW2 rules you used? I am looking for more rules that can run a game to the end.

    1. They were contained within the Neil Thomas book "One Hour Wargames" - the book has very basic rules for most periods in history.
      Be warned though, they are quite simple and abstracted, more for a quick fun game.
      If I wanted to play a game with a more period feel & detail I normally play the Battlegroup set of rules.

  2. Once again, superb work John. Is one of those Brits carrying a Styr?

    1. Thanks mate.
      Ummm, possibly maybe - I must admit I don't know a huge amount about modern day weaponry.

  3. They look fantastic mate - nice work!

  4. Excellent figures Jacksarge! The wee guys on the laptop are really interesting!


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