Saturday, 21 May 2016

18th Century Vignette

Here's something different :-)

I painted this little group for my wife as a gift for Mother's Day (celebrated on a different day to you Northern hemisphere folk). I may go back and apply some gloss varnish to the furniture at some stage. I'm not entirely sure who made the figures - they are 28mm metal - although they do look like something Eureka Miniatures may have produced. I picked these up as part of a trade with a fellow Tasmanian wargamer, I was parting with some 15mm figures. If you know who made them feel free to leave a comment & let us all know :-)


  1. What an excellent idea and they look fantastic too! Great work John.

    1. Thank you Rodger, Mrs Sarge appreciated them too, I may have to look into getting some sort of display dome for them - can't have them getting all dusty :-)


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