Sunday, 3 September 2017

Perry Royal Marines

I recently finished a commission with a real "Hornblower" theme, this is part of it. 
The miniatures are 28mm British Royal Marines of the Napoleonic era. My customer asked for the winter dress trousers in navy blue, which make a nice contrast with the red of the uniform. These are lovely sculpts, with plenty of detail. My customer sent me lots of really useful reference pictures, plus I had my copy of the Fosten book "The Thin Red Line" which has gorgeous large format colour plates to look at.
The reds and blues of the officers are painted to look richer & deeper in colour - at least I was aiming for that :-)
Once again, no pure white was used in this project, the closest was "Off White" from the Vallejo Model Colour range.
I'm glad I have my magnifier headset, it helped me pick out & paint all the splendid detail on the faces of these Perry sculpts.
My customer will be doing the groundwork on the bases himself.

More pictures to follow from this particular project.



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