Monday, 13 June 2011

More British with some platoon support weapons

Finally I have completed my next lot of Wessex Wyverns, this time with a 2" Mortar and a PIAT for support. I have continued to combine different manufacturers as the size differences don't bother me too much, you will notice there are figures from PSC, Revell & Italeri. The officer figure is a Revell body with a PSC spare head sporting the cloth officers hat- just for visual appeal, as I am aware that most officers wore a helmet in combat. The PIAT team is from Italeri with slight conversions. I quite like the Revell chaps with the leather jerkins, this gives a nice mix of styles and equipment. The stens on the Revell guys are a bit on the spindly side, the PSC stens look just right.
 I will be looking to pick up some more plastic British over the next few weeks, probably the Ceasar Miniatures set and the HaT support boxes of MGs & Mortars. I am also planning to put together a German force to oppose them.
Here are some photos of the latest miniatures off the painting table, (click on them to get larger images):
One of my favourite poses is the Revell chap carrying the PIAT ammo.
Heading out...
Revell 2" Mortar team
Italeri PIAT team
The PSC sarge.
Over the hills and far away...

Thanks for the support, and as always your comments and questions are welcome.


  1. That's simply great mate!
    The combination (alongside with the painting) of the figures is really up the case!

  2. very nice group of figs, and a very good paint job.

  3. Splendid paint work as usual, Old Bean. I look forward to seeing a German force.

    Red Rajah


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