Sunday, 29 May 2011

First Section Complete!

Finally finished my first section of British infantry. Most of the figures are Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 British infantry plus one Italeri figure. The figures are based on washers and painted using Vallejo, Derivan and Humbrol acrylics. They received a coat of acrylic satin varnish followed up with a coat of matt.
 This section is meant to represent infantry from 43rd Wessex Div/ 130th Brigade/ 4th Dorsets- if you look carefully you may notice the dark blue with yellow blob divisional patch on their shoulders. The corporal has a sten gun & the l/cpl is rifle armed kneeling next to the brengunner.
I was pleased with the PSC figures apart from the fiddly gluing of the prone bren-gunner. I know some don't like the "no neck" look, but it doesn't worry me- I am however a bit uncertain about the way the straps on the canteen are portrayed, it should look more like a "T" rather than two horizontal straps- no big deal though.
I have started painting some support figures which include Revell, Italeri & PSC figures. I have been thinking of perhaps getting the Ceasar box as well to add even more variety.
I have just finished Delaforce's book on the Wessex Division, a cracking read, although I would have liked more maps and pictures. I am waiting for a copy of "Assault Crossing" which is about the division's crossing of the Seine, to arrive in the post.
Enjoy the pictures, and feel free to comment:


  1. Excellent work Jacksarge, my only critisizm is, bigger pics please, the paint jobs are lovely and the basing is great.

  2. Top quality paint work and basing Jacksarge. First rate as usual.

    Red Rajah

  3. That's a good lot of nicely painted figures!
    I like them very much mate.
    I have bought this kit also, but IMO I think that the figs are a bit small'ish' in addition to the rest of my British. The level of detail is excellent, but the size..downsizes me a bit! :-)
    Good work again!

  4. Thankyou all for the kind words.
    Thanos- what are the other British in your collection? Just curious.
    I am planning to mix a few different sets and don't mind the look of men of varying heights as I think this reflects some of the natural variety in human heights/builds. I would not use Valiant British however as they are just too "chunky" for my liking.

  5. Jacksarge, I have mostly Esci/Italeri and Revell British soldiers in my collection.
    Figs from both companies are a bit bigger (especially Revell's) compared to PSC British.
    However, you could always use Caesar's British Soldiers (which are quite similar to pSC ones). The can be combined very well together.

  6. There are also Matchbox (my favourite), Airfix and Almark (quite rare but a very nice advancing figure). These are all compatible with PSC as far as height goes but PSC are a bit chunkier. Airfix tend to be taller and thinner. Very nice painting by the way! I prefer the lighter colour webbing rather than the dark as suggested by PSC. What colour did you use?

  7. Colours for webbing- basecoat Derivan Olive Green, followed by Vallejo Green Grey, then Vallejo Sepia or Umber wash (can't remember which), final highlight with Derivan Webbing Green.
    I usually use the book "The WW2 Tommy" as my reference guide as it has colour photos of actual uniforms and weapons in natural light.


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