Saturday, 3 September 2011

Something different - Gatling Guns!

Fellow blogger and all round nice bloke Nick Grant sent me a box of HaT 1/72 plastic colonial Gatling Guns with crews- 4 guns/crews in a box -and I have finished one sprue. These were great fun to paint and I tried to keep the paintwork relatively simple with a slightly shiny satin varnish finish.
 My painting and blogging efforts have really slowed down of late due to recurring lower back pain and pain in shoulders & neck- do any of you other guys have problems with this sort of thing? My discomfort seems to be aggravated by sitting at the painting table and messing about on the computer, add this to the fact that I sit at a computer quite a lot in my work as well- oh dear. Trying to work through these things with the physio, hopefully in time I will be able handle things better. Not quite sure what to do with my leisure time at the moment, and have ordered a couple more WW2 books off the net to try and occupy myself- one on Operation Bluecoat, and another on Hill 112 in Normandy.
I hope you enjoy the Colonials, first time I've painted them in this scale- painted a few Peter Pig 15mm Sudan figures before.
Look forward to hearing from you all.


  1. Great work..I paint a slightly bigger scale but no way as good as you paint your scale..well done Old Boy

  2. Lovely. I´ve got this set and you´ve inspired me to get cracking with it

  3. They are just spiffing old chap, jolly good show, aye. These HaT figures look really good, Tally ho.

  4. Really nicely done, very impressed.

  5. Thanks fellas you are very kind. If I look after my back I shall hopefully get some more finished. I was hoping to produce each team with a different uniform.


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