Saturday, 31 March 2012

Britannia Firefly

Finished this a couple of weeks ago & thought you might like to see it.
Britannia Firefly from Grubby Tanks with AB crewman and assorted stowage:

Pleased with how it came out. For those who haven't used Britannia stuff before, this is a resin and metal kit- main body of tank is resin with metal tracks/running gear & barrel. The resin was a little pitted in places but this can be filled in with modellers putty. Spare track sections and wheel are from plastic kits and rear stowage is Sgt Majors Mess stuff I think- aerial made from heavy fishing line. The weathering is painted on, but I have since been experimenting with weathering pigments. The markings are hand painted for 8th Armoured Brigade to support my lads from 43rd Wessex Division.
More soon....


  1. Excellent work there. Great modelling.

  2. Very nice work Sarge!

    I'll be trying to apply some decals to my armour soon... :-)


  3. Turned out well, suberb tank it is!


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