Saturday, 30 June 2012

KGN AAR- Kraut Corner

We had a cracking game of Kampfgruppe Normandy on Saturday 23rd July. The scenario was adapted from a pdf downloaded from here: - there's plenty of useful material on this site for other scenarios on a range of fronts.
This time I was not playing but umpiring or facilitating, partly because there were some concealed deployments, & partly because my son was playing his first game against the Red Rajah, and it would help to have someone else guiding them through the game mechanics & keeping things moving.
It was a pretty cool game overall, and I certainly enjoyed the visual appeal of it. This was the first time the young Sarge had played KGN with us or indeed used his Yanks in battle. The Rajah was given a small force of gritty German veterans who were tasked with holding a ridge and hamlet for as long as possible. The Yanks were composed of a full platoon with support from three Sherman tanks.
According to scenario guidelines, if the Yanks took more than 25% casualties they would have to withdraw- presumably to call in some heavier support & an artillery stonk to winkle the German defenders out. The terrain was real Bocage country, full of places for the German's for the German's to dig in. I made an umpire's decision that the Shermans would have Cullin hedge buster blades but would lose a whole activation to bust through a section of Bocage.

The Germans held their fire until the US squads were right on top of them, to devastating effect. The Yanks managed to supress a couple of German units but in the end the German MG teams caused terrible casualties to US squads, forcing their withdrawal. A panzerfaust firing at close range also accounted for a Sherman. The Americans had taken over the 25% losses and were forced to retreat- I am sure they would be back with devastating firepower to deal with these diehard German defenders.
Despite his losses the young Sarge enjoyed his first game- a great game had by all.

Here's some pictures:

The German end of the table

US end of the table

And so it begins...

US forces start probing forward

US Troops hunting for Germans

US Mortar crew down by the barn, managed to supress a German squad, forcing them to take a morale chit.

Proceed with caution. The squad in bottom left were first to find the German defences & paid dearly for it.

US Platoon command squad probes the bocage

 Yank squad makes its way up the hill using the bocage for cover
 Preparing for the assault
 The explosion marker in top right corner marks where a US squad had to withdraw after being exposed to brutal MG fire from the Germans in the building.
 Germans next to building were actually inside.
 The Assault falls apart- Sherman taken out & another squad has to run for it due to sustained MG fire.
 Veteran Fallschrimjager Mortar crew- all their rounds ended up going astray & having no effect.
 A German Panzershreck team lurks in the next house, and contributes to small arms fire which forced another US squad to withdraw
Another Sherman attempts to flank the German position. 
The Yanks lose a Sherman to a Panzerfaust firing at close range from the house.
German officer watches with glee as the Yanks make their withdrawal. 
Shermans cover the retreating US squads.


  1. Lovely set up. Sounds like quite a suspenseful game. Next time give the lad some air that you've got it!

    1. Thanks Nick. Yeah, I quite enjoyed umpiring it too- it's great to see the story unfold. Actually I already had some air support- a pre-painted diecast Mustang- but didn't think to use it.

  2. Great looking game with some fantastic looking scenes. Nice to see Airfix Shermans getting some action, no matter how short it tended to be.

    1. Cheers Paul. Yes I like it to look pretty if it can. Well the Yanks didn't call the Sherman "the Ronson" for nothing.

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