Saturday, 16 June 2012

US Airfix Shermans

G'day everyone,
featuring today are three Airfix Shermans which were built by my son and painted by me, I think they came up quite well fior such a venerable kit. The tank commander is a figure my son selected from his Airfix US Marines, and has had some slight surgery to fit. Painted with mostly Vallejo paints over a light grey gesso undercoat. The aerials are made from fishing line.



  1. They look great Sarge. Fishing line for the aerials is an excellent idea as well. I have one tank with an aerial made from the whisker of our old cat (which it lost naturally, I should point out!)

  2. Beautiful work & good teamwork!

  3. Excellent looking Sherman troop Sarge and great paint job!

  4. Very nice looking Shermans.

  5. Very nice work, brings back memories of making models with my Dad when I was a youngster! Do you mind me asking how you fixed the fishinh wire aerials in place? Any attempt I've made at something like that always seems to end in an unsightly mass of glue at the base...

    1. Thanks. I use Bob Smith Industries gel superglue, previously used zap gel.

  6. Definitely top banana! You are clearly a god team. Also shows what a good little wargames kit Airfix made all those many years ago.

  7. Looking very good mate! :-)
    Like father, like son, as we use to say here in Greece!:-)


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