Saturday, 5 January 2013

Guess What?...More WIP

I've been doing some more work on the British Gatling Gun team:

The gun has just been glued onto a washer and has received a rough undercoat. The bloke who sits on the gun is stuck on a drawing pin until the gun is ready- a nasty seat that...

My son is building a Lord of the Rings force in 1/72 as well as the GW stuff (25/28mm), he suggested I paint up some little plastic blokes to stand in for Rangers. Here they are with three undercoated & three in waiting- recognise any of them?


Here's a couple of shots of that Stuart tank I mentioned in my last post, it has an AB commander. I have added the antenna and the stowage- my first greenstuff tarpaulin too. Lots to do on this one still:

Lastly, here's some more pictures of the commandos I've been working on:

Elhiem British Commandos

They just need the basing doing, plus a spray of varnish. These two figures are from Elhiem.

 The next two photos are undecoated figures from AB and Wartime Miniatures. I plan to do some comparison shots of some of the various ranges of commandos in my collection once I get a few more finished.

AB British Commando

Wartime Miniatures British Commando
 I hope you find these posts of interest, more next time :)



  1. nice use of the caesar adventurer and robin hoods merry men...well chosen. what do you prime with?

  2. I like those Gatlings and their crews - very nice. The rich colours look especially good. It reminds me, though, of another sadly neglected project of mine... I've yet to paint up my Ruberian Gatlings. Does anyone do mitrailleuses yet?
    Cheers -

    1. Thanks Archduke. I want them to have a bit of an old fashioned "toy soldier" look about them- it's also great fun to do something colourful after all the WW2 drab colours. I must admit I got a bit excited today and ordered some more boxes of HaT Colonials- I blame my Kiwi friend Nick Grant, he sent me the Gatlings ;)
      I'm not planning to be hard and fast about historical accuracy with these, I think it will be more like a colonial "imagi-nations" thing.

  3. Lovely stuff Sarge. The Gatling gunners look superb. I recognise the Caesar adventurers and some Airfix Robin Hood's Men. Not sure about the bloke on the left in the bottom pic. Is he from the Airfix set?

    1. Thanks Dux :)
      Yes, one Caesar adventurer and all the rest are from the Robin Hood Airfix set.
      Glad you like the colonials, I shall endeavour to take some decent pictures when they are finished.

  4. Really lovely stuff all around. I agree w milord Archduke that the colouring on the Gatling crew is first rate. The WW2 kit is exceptional. I especially like e Elhiem figures. Cracking work.

    1. Hi Mike, your kind and encouraging words are much appreciated.
      It's been fun painting some stuff that wasn't WW2.
      I think that Elhiem commando on the right is my favourite pose from their selection- more to follow.

  5. Excellent, excellent work! Those boys-in-red look great, as do the commandos. Well done that man!

    1. Ahh brother Nick, thankyou sir...I have more HaT Colonials on the way by post- I'll tell the good lady it was Nick's fault cause he sent me the Gatling guns ;)
      Hopefully do a bit more on the stuff above this arvo.

  6. I like the blog, might even convert me to give WW2 another go!?
    I've made you a Welcome gift to my site, it's up on the latest entry, please check it out and tell me what you think of it!

    You are on my follow list so I can see when you add to yours
    Regards David

    1. Cheers David, glad you like the blog. I really appreciated your Vietnam postcard on your blog- thanks :)

  7. OH my gosh. The Stuart Tank and the British Gatling Gun and Crew look simply amazing. A masterpiece work! Whiel I am a Modern Military Hobbyist that do miniatures and model kits of the Modern Era, I must say, it is works like yours that make me wanna try out some WW2 stuff.

    In any case, I have google connect with you and would like to say that I am a vivid hobbyist, wargamer and nerd geek at heart. From collecting Action figure to painting miniatures and playing wargames, I just enjoy what you display on your blog.

    I too, have a blog that showcases me and my best bud works and collectibles. Perhaps you can check it out on It would be so awesome if you could google connect with our blog and perhaps give me tips on ways to improve my painting or model works. Hopefully it is up to par :P

    Anyway, thanks for listening. Looking forward to see mroe of your entries.

    I do like you teddy bear soldiers too. Really adorable!


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