Sunday, 24 March 2013

Converting Germans & WIP

Like the great missionary monks of the "Dark Ages", I have been converting Germans!
Well, not with preaching, but with Greenstuff, X-acto blade, wire & superglue ;)

Don't expect anything finished on this post, just some stuff I've been tinkering with.

First up, some Italeri Fallschirmjagers that have been sitting in the stash for a while- I did complete some a while back which you can see here . Basing is at the early stages in this picture.

I have tinkered with the camo scheme slightly since the first lot by drybrushing back over with the base colour. The only slight conversion is taking the sniper scope off the gun of the kneeling figure. I have also given them some stubble to make it look like they've been in the line for a while, probably trying to hold off the US advance.

Next we have a couple more figures from that set that I have given simple head swaps to, just to add variety. This is achieved by drilling small holes in body and head and supergluing in a small piece of wire to improve the bond. I think both these figures had peaked caps before and were looking in different directions.

This FJ has a bit of plastic putty to tidy up neck join- should paint up fine.

Next, I have another FJ which combines the top half of the kneeling figure with a standing FJ- I had to use a bit of Greenstuff to fill the gaps on this one. In the same photo you will see I have been applying Greenstuff to figures from this Zvezda set. To give them a bit more of a late war appearance I have disguised their jackboots to look like trousers - I haven't attempted to remove pleats from pockets for that LW look as they wouldn't be particularly visible on these models anyway. I'm sure they will look fine with a bit of paint on.

Finally, a couple of shots of those converted commandos from an earlier post- haven't finished painting them yet.....I got distracted.....:)


  1. Wonderful work John, I really love the work put into these.

    1. You are too kind Paul.
      Hopefully the finished bods will scrub up ok.

  2. Great stuff John - your Falabirmjagers look fab!

    1. "Falabirmjagers"
      Mate, that's a new one ;)
      Thanks Nick, hope to finish em over Easter.


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