Monday, 29 July 2013

Books, Books, & Reaching 100!!!

Since getting back into Napoleonics I have been adding some extra volumes to my library. I already have several books relating to the period - might show you those another time - but these are some recent purchases. So far I have read through the Jac Weller book and really enjoyed it, and plan to make my way through the others over time.
I think the Weller and the two Osprey's were purchased new from The Book Depository, the rest I managed to find second-hand on AbeBooks. The books from AbeBooks were real bargains - the postage was more than the book in most cases, I highly recommend trawling through their site. I am waiting for one more book to arrive, which was a particularly good buy : The Thin Red Line , illustrated by Bryan Fosten which was $16.10 US including postage - this book usually costs a good deal more.

Written a while back but still a good read.

I plan to paint up some Portuguese.

Just for fun, and because it's a classic.

Very inexpensive - had hoped for more colour plates though.

This book has some excellent colour plates, worth getting just for them.

Spending will now be on hold as I am in between jobs, having resigned from my previous position due to its impact on my physical and mental health. I have already had a couple of interviews, so here's hoping for an encouraging outcome to what has been a pretty tough couple of years.
I plan to post some more pictures of recent painting, I would like to get the basing done first though.

I just noticed, this was my 100th post, plus I've hit 100 followers - thanks to everyone who has commented, followed and encouraged - CHEERS!!!



  1. If you can get hold of it, David Gates's 'The Spanish Ulcer' is a very good single volume account that deals with the Peninsular War as a whole. Gives all four belligerents their fair due, in my view. Plenty of maps, although they are pretty basic, not to say crude. Useful enough for the wargamer, though.

    Brent Noseworthy's writings on the battle tactics of that war are worth a look as well. And then there's good old Oman...

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Ion, I shall investigate those in the future.

    2. In support of Ion's comment, you can't go past Gates' Spanish Ulcer. A top read and resource for the wargamer. Second hand copies are now available for quite a reasonable price.

    3. Cheers James, I shall keep an eye out for it on AbeBooks.

  2. A good century John! Best of luck on the job front.

    1. Cheers Paul. Hope to hear something on the job front by end of the week.

  3. Congratulations on both milestones, and good luck with the job.


    1. Thanks very much FMB :)
      That 100th post snuck up on me, I didn't realize that I'd done that many.


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