Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WW2 US from FAA

G'day all,

today I'm sharing some photos of a recent commission I painted. The figures are all from the FAA range of metal miniatures, they remind me of the Kelly's Heroes range in style - slightly "chunky" and quite a bit of character.

Here they are:

I've also just finished a commission of some "Rats of Tobruk" using Wartime Miniatures. I hope to post pictures of these once the customer has received them in the post :)


  1. Imoressive! Considering these guys aren't wearing camo gear, they are quite well camouflaged aren't they?

  2. Thanks. Standard issue has it's uses too :)

  3. They look great John. You're right about the character of these figures, you've really brought it out.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul. An added bonus was that I got to "send the yanks back home" ;)


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