Friday, 15 August 2014

LRDG/SAS Part Two - Vehicles....

This is Part Two of a 28mm Long Range Desert Group/SAS commission I have been working on for a fellow Tasmanian wargamer.
The first part can be viewed HERE.
This part consisted entirely of vehicles and their crews. It was a challenge and took me quite some time to complete. The vehicles and figures are mostly from Company B, and are part resin, part metal, kits. I have tried to make each one different in terms of crew positions, stowage and weapons.

I am just starting Part Three of this commission, which consists of 24 figures and two more jeeps with crews.
I hope you like the pictures.

First up, the "Blitz Buggy":

Next, Ford F30:

Two LRDG Chevys:

Lastly, another jeep:


  1. Now they look cool! Well done John, almost makes me curious about playing LRDG raids. Almost!

    1. Cheers mate.
      Play WW2? Surely not? I thought you only had eyes for X-Wing? ;-)

  2. Excellent work, Sarge!
    Although I'm missing the pink panther... ;-)

    1. Hi Stefan. Thanks mate.
      Yes that pink colour was certainly a possibility, check out some of the other options here:

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Mark, much appreciated. The customer seemed happy too :-)

  4. They are looking excellent! Really nailed that sand colour!


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