Friday, 27 February 2015

Skirmish Sangin 28mm Aussies in AMCU

I have recently finished painting 32 modern day Australian soldiers in 28mm from Skirmish Sangin . These figures are for deployment in Afghanistan and other contemporary warzones. They are great looking sculpts, very well proportioned and detailed making them a pleasure to paint.

I have painted the figures in my version of the latest Australian Army issue camouflage gear, the Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU).
For those of you interested in what colours I used:
Camouflage base= Vallejo Iraqi Sand, followed by Secret Weapon Blue Black wash, then back over with Iraqi Sand.
Camo colours overlayed on this base= Vallejo Russian Uniform, Flat Earth, Yellow Green, and small dots of Brown Violet.
Gloves= some are Green Ochre & some P3 Traitor Green
Weapons= Green Grey, Brown wash, back over with GG, other parts in Black Grey.
Goggle Covers= Field Grey, Lifecolor Field Grey 1
Goggle strap= Lifecolor Field Grey 2
Radio Backpack etc.= English Uniform, US Field Drab, Khaki
Boots= Khaki, Blue Black Wash, Khaki
Gun Straps= P3 Traitor Green
So here they are:

Next up are some vehicles for these blokes, I will be assembling & painting Bushmasters and Humvees. According to my sources they were sculpted by Mike Broadbent & distributed by War & Peace Games here in Australia. Here's a picture of the first one assembled and undercoated with a figure for scale comparison:


  1. They have come out great.



    1. Thanks mate, I'm quite pleased with the overall look :-)

  2. They look wonderful - great sculpts too

  3. very nice painting, the sculpts look exceptional too.

    1. Hi Braxen, thanks for the encouragement. I totally agree about the sculpts.

  4. Simply amazing! Loving your paintjob so much!

    1. Hi Jiaqi, thank you for your kind comments :-)


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