Sunday, 23 August 2015

Media Crews & a Camel

Some fun miniatures I painted up in recent times - all 28mm metals, apart from the camel which is resin. The Afghan film director is a head swap. I'm not sure who made the figures, I'd have to ask my customer - or perhaps you know?
It was great painting up the more colourful modern media miniatures, they have loads of character - I particularly like the long-haired & bearded photographer.
I hope you enjoy them.

Photographer & sound-man

"Get that camel out of the shot!"

Note the "old school" film equipment.


  1. They are brilliant John. Top notch. 'Specially the camel!!

    1. Thanks Bro!
      They were great fun to paint, the camel gave plenty of scope for blending different shades of "camel" :-)

  2. Splendid colors, excellent work and presentation...


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