Friday, 25 September 2015

DEVGRU/ SEAL types....

G'day folks,

here's some DEVGRU/SEAL types that I painted for Barrie a while back.
All miniatures are 28mm from Eureka:


  1. Cool! Ummm...what's with the bug eyes? And what's wrong with the dog?

    1. I take it you mean the special optic stuff worn by the DEVGRU blokes?
      I believe it' all based on real life technologies used by US Special Forces.
      I'm no expert, you'd have to research it. I think the blokes who did the compound raid
      after bin Laden may have worn similar gear?
      I'm sure someone out there can enlighten us.

    2. OK, the four man team description on Eureka website :SEAL Team 6 Four figure set with suppressed HK416 and GPNVG-18 night vision goggles.
      The other set says: SEAL Team 6 Six figure set, night vision goggles & dog.
      There's nothing "wrong" with the dog, I think it has some sort of camera rig on it's back, similar dogs are used for bomb detection.


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