Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Special Operators, Insurgents & Hostages 28mm

I finished painting & basing some 28mm Spec Ops, insurgents & hostages recently - as far as I'm aware most of the miniatures are from Spectre Miniatures.
At the end of the post are some bonus pictures of the Eureka Miniatures Seal Team 6 figures- which I painted for a different bloke than the last lot I showed you, this time I did the basing too.


  1. Nicely done, mate, they look great. Hope those poor hostages make it out alive!

    1. Cheers bro!
      Glad you like them Mike.
      Yes, I must admit I feel a bit conflicted about painting things like hostages. I can tell you that the hostages made it out of Tasmania & now reside in California ;-)


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