Friday, 12 June 2020

You're getting into the realms of fantasy now Jones....

More fantasy miniatures in 28mm.
 The astute among will recognise the title phrase as something Captain Mainwaring often says to Lance Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, when he comes up with an overly imaginative scheme or idea :-) 

This assortment includes miniatures from North Star, Reaper, Lucid Eye & Stronghold Terrain:


  1. Stunning! I am stunned! You are a fine artist Jack! Such amazingly consistent excellence-stunned

  2. Superb work once again. I really like the muted colours you use.

  3. Fantasy yes.....but still beautiful figures and stunning paintwork 👍

  4. That's a rather nice selection of unusual miniatures there. A couple of manufacturers I'd not come across before but may need to take a look at. The stuff Northstar are producing for Ranger of Shadowdeep is really nice with an old school vibe. Cracking work on the long, worn leather coat on the ranger type, looks suitably scuffed and scratched. The mail on those last few vikings/normans also looks to have been done in the same style as on Nick Lund's work (swirls rather than holes), not a method you see often but very effective nonetheless.

    1. Thanks Alan, yes a real assortment.Yes, an interesting depiction of mail, not sure if I'm totally sold on it, though I much prefer it to the heavily stylised mail Victrix have used on their Vikings etc.


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