Sunday, 6 November 2011

El Cheapo plastic trees get a makeover

For something different I thought I would put up some shots of some very cheap plastic trees which I have been repainting and basing. These are the sort of trees you can find in cheap children's playsets with things like plastic animals. They are not much to look at normally, but paint up quite nicely and add a bit of variety to the tree collection. These trees were from my son's collection, but we tend to share terrain stuff. Hope this provides some ideas for cheap terrain.
Trunks painted and stuck down on new bases, waiting to have foliage painted.

A finished tree next to one still being worked on.
A couple of finished articles, they look even better in reality.
Why not try this out, these are just cheap playset trees painted with acrylic paint, based on card, with sand/grit and appropriate flock.


  1. The end result looks awesome.

  2. What kind of a set did you find these in? I've been unable to find anything like this and I've been scouring the web. These trees would go well with the Citadel Wood set. The flocked trees for model railroading don't look right next to a plastic set like Citadel Wood- and for Wargames I like the more stylized look trees like the ones you made. Would love any tips on where to look for plastic trees like this. Thanks!

    1. I think most of these came from cheap toy farm sets that we had for the kids. Things like this can often turn up in bargain stores or charity shops- they don't look like much, but come up ok when painted and based.


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