Saturday, 14 January 2012

“Cop that Fritz!”....the 17pdrs are finished!

I have finished my two British 17pdr Anti-Tank guns plus crews and tows.

I enjoy looking at other people’s blogs where they have used a variety of manufacturers in their battlegroups- good examples of this are found on Ben Feine’s and PiersBrand’s blogs. I have attempted to do this with my current project.

One of my 17pdrs is from a plastic Revell kit (probably ex-Matchbox), along with a Morris truck, the other 17pdr is Britannia with a SHQ Morris tow. The crew figures are mostly from AB’s 17pdr crew set, apart from two chaps which are from WartimeMiniatures- a company here in Australia which has started producing some rather nice WW2 British. The Wartime miniatures are nice clean casts with a good amount of detail- the sarge with the binoculars even has his stripes sculpted on. They were intended for a 6pdr crew and were carrying 6pdr munitions, so I replaced the 6pdr shell with a 17pdr. The shell & spent shells are from Sgts Mess.

You may notice that the Revell Morris has no driver even though one was available in the kit; I did not include this because in my opinion it was too small even for 1/76- it would have looked like a boy scout was behind the wheel!

Enjoy the pictures.
SHQ Morris Truck

Britannia Gun, AB & Wartime crew
Wartime Miniatures Sarge
Revell Morris truck
Revell gun & AB crew

So what’s next? I’m working on Vickers team from Wartime Miniatures, forward observers from AB, and some converted plastics using bits from Italeri, Airfix & Revell British WW2 sets. I’m also pondering which armoured cars I would need to represent 43rd Recce Rgt from 43rd Wessex Div.


  1. Far out! They look brilliant. Quite spectacular! Well done!


  2. Excellent work. Really like the basing.

  3. really nice work there,

    armoured cars would be Humber MkIV's and the Humber LRC

  4. Rapid Fire Ready to Roll have both Humbers in their range and are quite cheap. You could also convert the Matchbox/ Revell Humber A/C but would need a new turret. I think you can buy one from Adapt Miniatures.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement you blokes.
    I'll have to have a look at the RTR Humbers.

  6. Great models Sarge and excellent paint jobs.



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