Saturday, 7 January 2012

LOTR stuff from Jacksarge & Son

A brief interlude whilst finishing off some more 20mm Brits- I thought I would show you some LOTR stuff my son painted (he's been asking his dad to put some of his stuff on the blog for a while), plus a Gil-Galad figure I painted. My son is 13 & has accumulated a substantial collection of LOTR figures, plus lots of other soldiers (my wife is getting exasperated about the space they take up- oops, my influence I guess). So first up here's the GW Gil-Galad I painted up for him:

Now here's an assortment painted by my son:
Gandalf, Galadriel & Gondor Standard Bearer
Rider of Rohan, Boromir & Eomer
Uruk Captain & Berserker

My WW2 stuff is slowly progressing, I am a reasonably slow painter at the best of times, plus I've had some health problems since early November. My next offering should include two 17pdr AT guns plus crews & tows from an interesting mix of manufacturers, plus some converted plastic Brits.


  1. Brilliant work Jacksarge and son-of-Jacksarge!


  2. He's not bad at all and it's good he's involved, just need to slowly direct him towards historical figures eventually...

  3. Cheers Nick & Fran. The young Sarge actually has quite a large stash of 1/72 plastic historicals- WW2, Napoleonics, Ancients. I started him young on Britains & Timpo figures when we lived in the UK.


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