Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day Two of Typhoon Group Build

Ok, finally got some more done this evening on the Typhoon.
I think the painting will definitely be the most time consuming aspect of this build.
Having second thoughts about the nose/props, they are wobbly, despite my best efforts to make them "spinable"- I think I'll just glue 'em in place, also considering Nick's idea of doing away with props altogether, for that sleek wargames look.

So here we are then:

After getting it to this stage I applied ( "slopped over") my wash formula- 50/50 Umber & Blue Vallejo Wash. It surely has that hand painted- I don't have an airbrush- look :)
The photos with the wash applied show it still wet.

Can you guess what it is yet? ;)


  1. Good progress on that mate!

  2. Good grief, how'd you get it done so quickly? I'm still fiddling around with the u/c doors before glueing anything together! Great work!

  3. Mate you are on fire! Fast progress!

  4. Wow, fast, I haven't even washed my kit yet.

  5. Thanks fellas. Getting stuck in 'cause I have another group build underway for The Guild.
    I don't really know what I'm doing, just making it up as I go. Like others, I haven't built a model aeroplane in about thirty years.

  6. What are you building at the guild JS?

    1. Hi Dan,
      group build, theme is "buildings"- got until end of May. I have something underway but am waiting for some extra bits to come by post, plus some extra scenics I need to get painted up.

  7. What did you do for the undercarriage doors? I'm kind of hitting a block there myself.


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